the Word of the Ruach haKodesh (the Holy Spirit) is:



"a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon at her feet and a crown of 12 stars on her head"

Revelation 12:1-2

The constellation that John witnessed and prophecied the return of the Messiah in Revelation 12,

occurs on Sept. 23 2017 and it hasn't been in this configuration for 7,000 years.


August 21, 2017, United States Solar Eclipse 

The Great American Solar Eclipse is on Monday August 21, 2017.  This eclipse is a sign from YHWH to the Gentile nations, particularly the USA.  It has been 99 years since the last solar eclipse covered the United States in darkness.  Many prophetic words of knowledge concerning this eclipse and America being cut in half, both positive and negative outcomes.  Bottom line: Pray.

It is important to note that three of the eclipses; Sept 23, 2071, Sept 23, 2090, and Sept 14, 2099 slice North Americas NE and SW corners.  In 2071, Mexico and the US will be seperated, in 2090, the US and Russia will be seperated, and in 2099 the US and Canada will be seperated.  Each of these eclipse will occur on the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah, in the Hebrew years 5832 and 5851, and 5860.  Also of note, EVERY eclipse happens on Rosh Chodesh, the beginning of a new month.

The eclipse on May 11, 2078 and May 11, 2097 will clip North Americas NW and SE corners and occurs on the holy day of Yom Yerushalayim, the restoration of Jerusalem.  Both of these eclipse will also cover the middle east and put Israel in darkness.  

1 Lunar Cycle or 30 days later...

September 21, 2017, Rosh Hashana, Jewish New Year  

This day is Yom Teruah, Day of Trumpets, Rosh Hashana

It has traditionally been held that Yom Teruah in the Jewish Year 6000 (Sept 2230), will herald the coming of the Messiah.  Some believe the "Rapture" will occur, while others believe the 7 Trumpets described in Revelation will begin.  Nevertheless, Yom Teruah is the day of trumpets that sound the return of the Messiah.

“Blow the trumpet in Zion; sound the alarm on my holy hill. Let all who live in the land tremble, for the day of the LORD is coming. It is close at hand” (Joel 2:1; see also Zephaniah 1:14, 16).

Just as the shofar called the Jewish nation to turn their attention to the Lord and ready themselves for the Day of Atonement, so will the “trump of God” call us to heaven and warn the world of coming judgment.  


On this day, watch for President Donald Trump to "trump" YHWH or Israel.

September 21-30, 2017, 10 Days of Awe 

Starting from the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, a special ten days of repentance, also referred to as Days of Awe, begin during which people meditate on the sins committed during the past year and proceeds to repent. The 10 days of repentance, also called Aseret Yemei Teshuva (Aseret Y'may T'shuvah), end with the conclusion of Yom Kippur.  


Repent and Confess.  Ask the Lord to forgive you of your sins.  If you have offened anyone this year, leave your gift at the altar and go restore that relationship in love.

Prepare for a financial crisis / crash.  

Historically in the month of Elul, during the seven year cycle, typically on the 23rd of Sept, global impact on financial markets (1994, 2001, 2008, 2015)

September 23, 2017, Shabbat Shuvah, Return O Israel 

September 23, 2017, we come to Yamin Noraim, Days of Awe. The Shabbat Shuvah or the "Sabbath of Repentance." This is a special Shabbat in Judaism devoted to repentance. Shabbat Shuvah or Shabbat T'shuvah ("Sabbath [of] Return" or "Sabbath [of] Repentance") refers to the Shabbat that occurs during the Ten Days of Repentance, but is between (i.e. not including): the two consecutive Days of Rosh Hashanah; and the Day of Yom Kippur. The name Shabbat Shuvah comes from the first word of the Haftarah that is read on that day, Hosea 14:2-10, and literally means "Return".

It is the Sabbath before Yom Kippur. This is the last Sabbath before Yom Kippur to make things right between yourself and Elohim, and between yourself and your brother. 

September 23, 2017, Prophesy from Book of Revelation 12:1-2

Some believe that the astronomical alignment involving the constellations Virgo and Leo, the sun, moon, and planets Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Jupiter occurring in September 2017 will fulfill this prophecy word-for-word. 

"..a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth." Revelation 12:1-2

On this date, the sun will be in the constellation Virgo (the virgin), along with the moon near Virgo’s feet. Additionally, Jupiter will be in Virgo, while the planets Venus, Mars, and Mercury will be above and to the right of Virgo in the constellation Leo. This is a very rare event allegedly only once in 7,000 years.

The apocalyptic symbol of a woman in labor is found throughout Jewish and Christian Scriptures, which proponents suggest is evidence of the September 2017 alignment's importance in prophecy. These particular Scriptures include; Isaiah 13:6-13, Isaiah 26:17-21, Isaiah 66:7-11, Jeremiah 30:4-11, Jeremiah 49:23-27, Micah 5:3, Matthew 24:8, Mark 13:8, and 1 Thessalonians 5:3.

These scriptures written 3000+ years ago, foretell the signs in the heavens and prophesied this very date!


This is the biggest prophetic sign since the red blood moons signaled the season of heavenly signs.  7,000 years in the making, never seen before constellation, prophecied dozen of times in scripture.


A birthing of something new, either anti- or pro Israel.  An earthquake may cause chaos.

September 30, 2017, Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement, Sabbath of Sabbaths

Yom Kippur, or the "Day of Atonement", which is 7 days after the Revelation 12 sign on September 23, 2017. It is the Sabbath of Sabbaths, and was the only day when the High Priest went into the Most Set Apart Place to make atonement for Israel. This foreshadows a future work that the Messiah will do for Israel. Yom Kippur 2017 will start the evening of Friday, September 29, 2017.


Significantly, it is exactly 40 days from the Great Amercian solar eclipse on August 21, 2017, to the Day of Atonement on September 29, 2017.  Even if this isnt the year of the Lords return, the signs in the heavens point us to study the Torah and to prepare our hearts.